‘What is bandeoke?’ is a question that can be heard by many-a-person these days. And the answer is: only the best way to get anyone into the party spirit! It’s a new spin on the well-known craze of karaoke giving you and your guests the chance to sing your favourite song with a live band.

We’ve all had a dream of becoming a rock star and with the help of The Midnight Specials this dream could come true! Gone are the days of singing to bored guests through a bog standard karaoke machine, with The Midnight Specials your singers will get the chance to perform with a live professional band who will supply only the best equipment for that super slick sound. Coupled with an extensive repertoire and a line-up of fully professional and talented musicians there are not many songs that cannot be performed for your adoring new fans.

Bandeoke is only one string to The Midnight Specials bow. They can also offer a fantastic live ceilidh, a variation of different line ups to suit your event and venues requirements with the additional option of an unplugged set for those more calming moments of your event.